LegoNew Lego Systems for Girls
Just when Lego’s patent for its brick system was expiring, the company needed to reinvent itself. We generated a new strategy, various concepts and designs for a “New Lego Systems for Girls” to double their target market.


New product lines for Volkswagen – besides carsvw-logo
We conceptualized and designed several new product lines complementing their cars to enhance Volkswagen’s brand and respond to declining car sales.


Bestsellers and process shortPUMAcuts for Puma
Nadine Meisel designed bestselling key styles, new approaches and shortcuts for user-centered research and design processes.



PantoneNew product lines and communication concepts for Pantone
We conceptualized and designed several new product lines for the office market to enhance Pantone’s brand and sales.



CAMPERbridgeBestselling comfortable High Heels for Camper
Nadine Meisel designed an elegant, feminine, but comfortable high heeled sandal using an optical illusion: it appeared to have stiletto heel, but was of optimum width and comfort. The result became Camper’s bestseller for 2 years in a row.


User-Centered and SustainBalenciagaable Fashion Concept for Museo Balenciaga
We created a new Fashion Concept, “Neo Couture”, a strategy and an educational program to apply the high technology expertise of Basque country companies to an otherwise unused million-euro Museum building in a user-centered and sustainable way.


m114New markets with ”zero investment” for Mobles114
A Catalan business based on a bookshelf system needed to reinvent itself during a deep crisis in Spain, and in the worldwide furniture and book sectors. Combining existing elements of the system (production, logistics, and resources) in a smart and easy way, we created several new uses, applications as well as an attractive design for northern Europe. This opened up new markets with ”zero investment”. See the results here.


There are more examples and details of Nadine Meisel’s success stories which can’t be shown here because of their confidential nature. Thanks for your understanding.