Are you …
… facing new challenges in your company or market?
… open to rethinking your strategy or reinventing yourself?
… willing to redefine your focus and your product portfolio
… up for creating new opportunities?
… ready to travel beyond the obvious?

We help find smart solutions (LATERAL SHORTCUTS) tailored to your situation, needs and resources.

Our service formats include:

Delivering Lateral Shortcuts

Delivering smart solutions for any challenge or project
Conceptualization, Strategic-, Product-, Service Design
• Consulting
/advice sessions, e.g. to “boost your business or services”
• Valuable Feedback (present/hand in suggestions)
• Lateral Shortcutting processes (e.g. user-centered research, Design Thinking, …)
Collaborating in a team as Strategic Designer or Lateral Shortcuts expert
Participating in workshops or brainstorm sessions (contributing smart solutions)

Coaching teams and individuals to find Lateral Shortcuts

Coaching sessions or workshops e.g. to “boost your business or services”
• Facilitating Lateral Shortcuts and/or Design Thinking workshops
• Facilitating innovative energy and team spirit boosting exercises
(Co-)Facilitating Workshops, courses or bainstorm sessions
Mentoring Strategic, Product- or Service Design projects or pitches
Mentoring startups from first concepts, designs, brand through pitching
• Valuable Feedback (verbal suggestions during the sessions)
• Inspiring speeches and lectures on Nadine Meisel’s work and/or Lateral Shortcuts

Tell us about your current challenges so we can best help you find innovative, effective and easy solutions.

For more information please contact us.


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer