Reference Statement by Dr. Ulrich Lutz – Global After Sales Director at SEAT:

“Nadine Meisel recently worked with us, a senior management team, in a workshop setting to develop solutions for our specific but future orientated business topics. She intensively familiarized with our current business and future innovation needs. And thus drove the quality of our discussion to a refreshing level. Nadine’s Lateral Shortcuts approach allowed us to reframe several challenges we were facing. It was impressive how efficient and productive this workshop was from the first to the last minute. We rapidly came up with new ideas that can be applied in various areas of the company. And immediately made even more use of them by building upon them for intermediate results and beyond. The lateral thinking techniques Nadine applies are both inspiring and time efficient. Many of the results were even surprising to us. I thank Nadine for this exciting team experience and would be glad to work together with her again.”

Testimonial about Nadine Meisel’s Lateral Shortcuts Workshop by Hallgrim Sagen – UX & Design Director at CISCO:

Statement by Kevin Fallon – Group Head – Footwear Design Europe at Puma after applying user-centered Design Thinking to design a new sneakers keystyle reducing the design process from 6 months to 6 weeks, and returning into a bestseller:

“Your process, thinking, interaction and designs were well liked and appreciated. … It was good for us to get an outside perspective to challenge the way things get done internally. … Thank you for the work!”

Testimonial about Nadine Meisel’s Lateral Shortcuts Presentation at MWC by Samira Dhouib – Business Development Manager at Global Wellness