Nadine Meisel has been granted the following patents:

Patent for “rotation-device” 2000 (“StirUp”)
• Utility Patent for “cooling by heat of evaporation” 2004 (“6pack-cooler”)
• Utility Patent for “sobreportafotos” 2008 (“post&up – photoletter”)

She has received the following awards:

• Innovation Prize for Sustainability 2008* (“Quirlix” & “6pack-cooler”)
• selected as “Young Professional 07” by the German Design Council
• 3rd prize in “2005 taiwan international design competition” (“blowfly” alarm clock)
• Finalist of RIMA Young&Design Competition 2005 (“doze”)
• DESIGN-PRIZE NEUNKIRCHEN 2004 (“6pack-cooler”)
• Finalist of DESIGN-REPORT AWARD 2004
DESIGN PLUS 2004 (“StirUp”/ “Quirlix”)
• Günther Schroff Stipendium (ZKM) 2003 (“stir up”, “Insight0I0”, “6pack-cooler”)
• Mentioned with DESIGN FOR EUROPE in Kortrijk 2002  (“down to earth”)
• ”The most original seat” in Mannheim 1998 (“my boyfriend as my seat”)


*Nadine Meisel stopped participating in competitions in 2008 after several of her entries and creations were pirated.