"We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." (LATERAL*)
"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." (SHORTCUTS)
Albert Einstein


Are you facing new challenges, struggling to resolve difficult issues, open to rethinking your strategy or reinventing yourself or up for creating new opportunities? Ready to travel beyond the obvious?


This intensive Workshop consists of an introduction to the LATERAL SHORTCUTS* methodology using various inter-connected, short, dynamic exercises to generate groundbreaking ideas and smart solutions to your business challenges and/or improve your products/services while boosting innovative energy and team spirit.

See also this description by Nadine Meisel (1min video)


• applying the LATERAL SHORTCUTS Methodology (with its specific mindsets, methods, techniques and tools):
1) Reframe the Challenge          > untangling root causes
2) Apply LATERAL Thinking***  > generating ideas
3) Take SHORTCUTS                > shaping solutions

• applying various inter-connected, short, dynamic creative practices, and exercises to your projects
• Inserting selected Wakeys** to boost innovative energy and team spirit and catalyze the ideation process
• integrating important elements of the iterative Design Thinking process
• shortcutting and optimizing everything – processes, times, techniques


• experience the powerful Lateral Shortcuts methodology, using cutting edge creative practices and exercises
• resolve "ill-defined" as well as "well-defined" problems
• understand your challenges more deeply, sharpening the focus
• step out of your normal comfort zone
• loosen up & learn by doing and having fun
• learn to think "outside the box" and beyond the obvious
• find new perspectives and approaches to problem solving and innovation
• learn and practice shortcutting everything, to find solutions more quickly
• learn new ways to maximize your company’s brainpower
• get the most out of your resources (time, money, people etc.)
• learn new modes of creative collaboration and group decision making
• spark Innovation by integrating the power of Lateral Shortcuts into your operation
• boost innovative energy and team spirit
• a “tool kit” of diverse proven and "easy to apply" creative problem solving and team working techniques

• Participant testimonial by Cisco's UX & Design Director (2min video)
Reference statement by SEAT's Global After Sales Director (recommendation letter)

1-3 days, as appropriate (the more time the more concrete and detailed the solutions)

Nadine Meisel – Innovation Consultant & Strategic Designer. See about o and her linkedin profile.
Qualified experts will co-facilitate when appropriate.

English (German or Spanish on request)


*Lateral Shortcuts are innovative, effective and easy solutions. It is also a powerful methodology, to find those solutions; to generate groundbreaking ideas and to overcome difficult challenges. Nadine Meisel coined the term and developed the methodology.

Nadine Meisel's **Wakeys comprise a series of powerful short exercises to put you into the Lateral Shortcuts mode, and boost innovative energy and team spirit, which are essential for igniting creativity and powerful to generate groundbreaking ideas and seek smart solutions."

***Lateral Thinking is solution finding by an indirect and creative approach going beyond the obvious, contrasted to logical conventional thinking. The term was coined by Edward de Bono.

"Technical skill is mastery of complexity, while creativity is mastery of simplicity."
Christopher Zeeman