S2_Innovation-Speeches neuNadine Meisel has been given inspiring interactive talks and persuasive presentations on Innovation, Lateral Shortcuts and/or Design Thinking for more than 10 years in the following Corporations, Universities, Institutions and Events:

HP, Volkswagen, Puma, Deutsche Post, HfG /ZKM Karlsruhe, Mobile World Center, Istituto Europeo di Design, YMDI (German Design Council), Museo Balenciaga, Pecha Kucha Barcelona Vol. 1 at Ifest 2008, Universidad Politecnica Barcelona, Universitad Javeriana Bogota, Event Innovation Summit 2014, Prestigious Speakers Barcelona

Testimonial by participants/clients:

"I have seen thousands of presentations in my live but yours was the most inspiring and moving one." (Deutsche Post)

"It was good for us to get an outside perspective to challenge the way things get done internally." (Puma)

"Mindblowing!" (various)

"You made us optimize our team and our working and thinking capacity and having fun at the same time." (IED)

"I want to take what you take to come up with those ideas." (HP)

"We need to you as a "Lateral Thinker" in our design teams." (Volkswagen)

"Your process and thinking and designs were well liked and appreciated." (Puma)

"very powerful method" (various)

"What an amazing workshop. Anyone that believes innovation is KEY cannot afford to miss this event." (Kodify)

"Discover lateral thinking through applied learning, exercises, puzzles, games, and many other tools Nadine has in her toolkit." (Rodcul)

Testimonial video about Nadine Meisel's Lateral Shortcuts Presentation at MWC by Smart Tree Consulting: https://youtu.be/6yGncLcUvYo