Nadine Meisel successfully catalyzes Innovation for international companies, generating groundbreaking ideas and smart solutions for business challenges, while boosting innovative energy and team spirit.

She helps her clients find "LATERAL SHORTCUTS", i.e., INNOVATIVE, EFFECTIVE and EASY solutions to challenges by untangling their root causes from an overall perspective by applying Lateral Thinking & Design Thinking.

Nadine Meisel offers consulting and workshops in applying LATERAL SHORTCUTS to all areas and phases of business, innovation, strategic, product and service design; from team catalyzing, detecting new opportunities, conceptualizing new strategies, services or product lines through design and implementation.

She is a strong Lateral Thinker, flexible and agile in her approach to challenges; she produces unique and tailored solutions using as few resources as possible. Because of her foundation in Design Thinking, she can apply a variety of user-centered approaches and insights to strategies and processes.

Her proven track record in Innovation, Strategic and Product Design in interdisciplinary and multicultural contexts extends back more than 15 years. She has received various awards and registered patents, and has been exhibited and published in international museums, fairs, magazines, books and on TV and radio.

In addition, Nadine Meisel has also been conducting workshops and lecturing in masters level and executive programs in Innovation Strategies, Design Thinking for Business Innovation, Service & Product Design and Design Management since 2005.

She has worked for: Puma, Volkswagen, Lego, Camper, Xing, HP, Pantone, Smart Design, Deutsche Post, Esade Business School, Agilar, Innou, Richter Spielgeräte, Museo Balenciaga, Troika, Die Medienagenten, Berendsohn, Inovum, post&up, Elisava, Istituto Europeo di Design, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Universidad Javeriana Bogota.

Nadine Meisel also has an interdisciplinary team, a wide network of expert collaborators to assure the highest levels of quality, professionalism and flexibility.

She has lived in various countries, and speaks English, German and Spanish fluently.

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"Smart solutions to business challenges can be found quickly when combining an innovative mindset and process with high energy and team spirit. Those organisations who adopt this methodology will succeed in maximizing their potential. This combination can be learned most effectively from hands-on experience. After 10 years of using Lateral Thinking and Design Thinking to successfully catalyse innovation for international companies, I have condensed their most powerful elements into the Lateral Shortcuts methodology. Lateral Thinking – a key to unlocking creativity beyond the obvious – in a user-centric and iterative process (Design Thinking), guides teams to quickly untangle root causes and generate innovative solutions."

Nadine Meisel