Strategy & Innovation Consulting

Stimulate and integrate innovation and the power of Lateral Shortcuts into your operation through a range of strategy & innovation consulting, coaching and workshops.

Lateral Shortcuts

This powerful methodology generates smart INNOVATIVE, EFFECTIVE and EASY solutions that tackle your greatest business challenges

Product & Service Design

Add value and boost your business through UNIQUE, user-centered, VIABLE and RELEVANT solutions, applying Strategic Design and Lateral Design Thinking.


Reference Statement by the Global After Sales Director at SEAT, participant testimonial video by the UX & Design Director at CISCO and many more

Lateral Shortcuts Workshops

Reframe and tackle your greatest business challenges in only two days; generate new opportunities and smart solutions while boosting innovative energy and team spirit

International Speaker

Nadine Meisel has been given inspiring interactive talks and persuasive presentations on Innovation, LATERAL SHORTCUTS and/or DESIGN THINKING for more than 10 years.